Jonathan Elliott

I am a PhD candidate in Economics at New York University. Starting July 2022, I will be joining the Department of Economics at Johns Hopkins University as an Assistant Professor.

My research interests are in industrial organization, environmental economics, and applied microeconomics. Click here for my CV.


Investment, Emissions, and Reliability in Electricity Markets

Job Market Paper

Draft | Abstract | Slides | Code

Market Structure, Investment, and Technical Efficiencies in Mobile Telecommunications

with Georges V. Houngbonon, Marc Ivaldi, and Paul T. Scott

Draft | Abstract | Slides | Code

Patient-Specific Information and New Drug Adoption: Evidence from Digital Health

with Milena Almagro


in progress

Private Hospital Capacity in a Single-Payer System: Evidence from Denmark

with Anders Munk-Nielsen and Daniel Waldinger

in progress


Statistics, NYU

Spring 2019 (evaluations), Spring 2020 (evaluations), Fall 2020 (evaluations), Spring 2021 (evaluations)

Industrial Organization, NYU

Fall 2019 (evaluations)

Introduction to Microeconomics, NYU

Spring 2018 (evaluations)